Industry contacts and technology offers

Below you can find non-confidential information material about potential industry partners.
If you are interested in a certain company and want to elaborate potential partnership or collaboration opportunities,
please reach out to the SaxoCell Hub which already has contacts in place.

AdAlta i-bodies CAR-T

Batavia Biosciences CDMO Biopharma+GT

BlueRock Therapeutics Pharma CGT


c-LEcta Proteinaceous processing aids

Catalent CDMO CGT

Catamaran Bio CAR-NK Tx

CeGat NGS Service Provider

CellFiber CGT Manufacturing Technology

Cellino Device Manufacturer CGT

Cellular Vehicles CT Infusion System

Charles River CDMO CGT

CoImmune Armored CAR

CoImmune Immun-Oncology

ERS Genomics CRISPR-Cas9

i&i Biotech VC+Licensing

Immunservice GMP-IL2

Keyence Microscopes

Merck GMP Viral Vector Manufacturing

Merck QC Testing CGT

Mission Bio Single-Cell Sequencing Platform

MissionBio Single-Cell Multi-Omics

Nova Biomedical Cell Culture Analyzers

Ori Biotech CGT Manufacturing Platform

panCELLa iPSC-derived allogenic CT

Prescient Tx OmniCAR-CT

Qiagen Automation

Qiagen DigitalPCR

Ticaros CAR-T Tx

TRI AI-assisted Imaging

Verigraft Tissue-engineered organ transplants

Viralgen CDMO CGT